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May 29, 2024 | Summer

Top 5 Must-See Places in Downtown Toronto

Nathan Philips Square

1 minute walk from Chestnut

Toronto Sign.jpg

Watch out for the iconic TORONTO sign when you check in at Chestnut, the city’s most famous square is located right beside the residence. It is said that visiting the city and not taking a picture at Nathan Phillips Square is a legal offence in Toronto (haha joke). Located right next to the City Hall, this place is the uncontested centre of Toronto. Whether it be New Year’s or Canada Day, you are in for a fireworks display at the square. This place is typically crowded with locals and visitors alike due to the large number of delicious street food-serving carts.

CN Tower

20 minute walk from Chestnut.


Canada’s most recognizable building, located in the heart of downtown Toronto, the 553-meter CN Tower building is impossible to miss. The sky pod on top of the tower is the highest viewing point in Canada with views extending up to Niagara Falls and New York state. Take the elevator up to the glass floor which offers a bird’s-eye view directly down over the city. Dine at the exquisite 360 Restaurant which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner while you enjoy the breathtaking views.

For those of you looking for adventure, take the “Edge Walk” on a 1.5-meter-wide ledge around the outside edge of the main pod at a height of 265 meters.

CF Toronto Eaton Centre

5 minute walk from Chestnut.


The largest mall in downtown Toronto, the Eaton Centre is a vibrant and premier shopping experience. Lose yourself in the amazing variety of specialty shops, boutiques, restaurants, cafeterias, and department stores located on both the upper and lower levels of the mall. In total, the Eaton Centre has more than 235 stores. This shopping mall has its own subway station and extends over many city blocks.

Yonge & Dundas Square

5 minute walk from Chestnut.


Exit from the northeast corner of the Eaton Centre and you’ll find yourself at Yonge & Dundas Square. With brightly lit LED boards reminscent of Times Square, this intersection is the hub for all things Toronto ranging for impromptu flash mobs to temporary art displays. The square sits on top of the Dundas subway station.

Art Gallery of Ontario

10 minute walk from Chestnut.


Experience art and culture by viewing Toronto’s most prestigious collection of art. The Art Gallery of Ontario houses 100,000 pieces of art ranging from renaissance masterpieces to contemporary art and Inuit items. There is also a vast collection of Canadian classics like works done by the Group of Seven. The biggest art piece in the building is the building itself. Designed by acclaimed architect Frank Gehry, the unique-looking building is a glass masterpiece mixing old and new architectural elements.

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